One of my early porn crushes, Lukas Ridgeston has just made his comeback with Bel Ami after an 8 year hiatus from being in front of the camera. Lukas in Love sees the gorgeous blue-eyed stud pounding his way back into my lustful thoughts alongside Kris Evans who is almost physical perfection. The two of them in one scene spit roasting another gorgeous guy that I am utterly jealous of. When asked, “Do you identify as gay, straight or bi-sexual?”, Lukas said in an interview, “I always say I am sexual”.

Given that this post is about a beautiful porn star, it’s a good time to mention that I’ve reinstated my old porn blog Pornolicious, in a slightly different vein. Back in my early days of blogging I had Pornolicious running alongside Aussielicious and showed all the hardons and sexual shenanigans I couldn’t here.  The Pornolicious is now on tumblr and pretty much focuses on things that turn me on. It’s no surprise that Kris Evans has already made a few appearances.

One thing that is in the scene mentioned above with Kris and Lukas and that I haven’t fully decided how I’ll handle on The Pornolicious, is bareback sex. Just about every studio is now releasing bareback or condom-free scenes and I am resigned to the fact that it’s here to stay. I love to watch it but I’m conflicted about the message it sends to young gay men who are now the fastest growing group of HIV infections in the gay community.