Last night’s post about nudity and sex/perving going hand in hand got a response from someone who thought they’d call themselves “Bit of Honesty”. I’ve debated all day about responding to his comment and probably against better judgement, I’m going to.

Claiming that I find nude beaches innately sexual just because you saw me in a sexual situation there is about as logical as telling me I’m innately straight because I’ve had sex with women. It’s like saying I’m innately alcoholic because I enjoy the odd beer or glass of wine.

Never in any post on this blog or anywhere have I claimed to be innocent in any way. The post last night said “I never go to the nude beach with the intention of cruising” and I stick by that. Sometimes I get there and I find I’m in the mood and maybe someone interesting has taken my fancy. I’m a single gay man with urges that quite rarely get acted upon. I’m one of the least slutty gay men I know and to be honest I am jealous of my friends with more sexual confidence than me. The gay community needs to stop judging each other and support each other and our different choices.

Nude beaches and nudism for me is about liberation and relaxation, but I along with all nudists, am a sexual being. I’m as happy reading a book quietly on the beach one day as I am perving or cruising at other times.

So “Bit of Honesty”, maybe next time you see me at La Perouse say hi or wave instead of running to judge me behind a keyboard.