It’s a sad day when you realise you are three weeks older than one of Sydney’s and the world’s most iconic buildings.  Today was the 40th birthday of the Sydney Opera House. Her construction was full of controversy with people outraged at the cost and the time it took to build her, but what a spectacular building she is.

I take great heart in the fact that I took a lot less time to make, cost a lot less and a shitload less people have been through me than they have through that old girl.

It’s amazing to think that it’s nearly 8 years ago that I stood nude on the steps of the Opera House for the first time when this blog was brand new and the Public Nudity Challenge was in full swing. Then again about 4 years ago, I was nude again on the steps, this time with 5,200 other nude brave souls freezing our bits off for the Spencer Tunick photo shoot. Happy birthday old girl. You do us proud.