It’s not often when you are looking at photos from World Naked Bike Ride that you see absolutely stunning bodies. A lot of the guys in the rides are very attractive but it doesn’t generally attract the Gym Squad. This is a bit of a generalisation but from what I have seen, fairly accurate. World Naked Bike Rides and the Freemont Solstice Parade attract more of the general nudist crowd, not renowned for amazing bodies. So it was quite a surprise to stumble across these two photos from World Nude Bike Rides, both of very buff guys. Not bad at all I have to say.

Sadly, Sydney doesn’t really do a WNBR and for the small version that we do have, the police/authorities don’t allow full nudity. A g-string or some other equivalent version of modesty has to be worn. Seems such a shame when Melbourne has a fully nude bike ride and we have much better weather for nudity here.