Today was a big day in Australia. The territory that holds our National Capital, The Australian Capital Territory just passed a Same Sex Marriage Bill through Parliament. As of today, Australia has one region where gay marriage is legal. The terrible part of this is that our ridiculously conservative new Prime Minister has said, before the bill was even presented, that he will try to over turn it in the High Court of Australia saying it isn’t constitutional. The people who tabled the bill have worked hard and changed the wording recently to try and make sure that it survives such a challenge.

When we hear that Tony Abbott is going to challenge peoples rights like this and actively remove people’s right to marry, marriages will be annulled if he succeeds, it’s even more shocking when you learn that not only is his sister that he loves a lesbian but that she recently got engaged to her long time partner. We now have a man running this country that would actively annul his sister’s marriage because he is a conservative, narrow minded man. Clearly she’s the one with all the balls in that family.