Why is it that everyone else is an expert on your relationship status but absolutely clueless about their own? On Friday night I had dinner with a couple of mates and some of their other friends that I’ve met many times and get on really well with. At some point during the dinner the topic turned to my chronic singledom.

One of the girls wouldn’t let up on the fact that I’d pulled the plug on a dating scenario a couple of weeks ago after a couple of dates because there just wasn’t any physical attraction and no sense of anticipation at seeing him again. Lovely guy but just nothing there. Yes, I know it can take time for attraction to build and no, I don’t expect fireworks when I meet someone, but you can tell after two meetings whether or not something is going to work. My gut was saying no and I’ve learned to listen to my gut.
At the same dinner, my dear friend who means very well just wouldn’t let the topic go. He kept saying things like “I just don’t get why you are single and I’m not. You are so much more date-able than I am but I have a husband and you don’t.” Sometimes tact isn’t his strong point and I know he was trying to pay me a big compliment but I had the opposite effect. Thankfully one of the other girls stepped in before I started crying. It had been a long week and I wasn’t going to cope with an interrogation for much longer.
Why am I single? I can answer that partly. For me, settling for someone who doesn’t make me happy just so that I can be in a relationship isn’t an option. I like my life as it is and while there is plenty of room in it for someone special I’m not going to go out with just anyone. Other than that, I must clearly be doing something wrong because the only common denominator in my perpetually shitty love life is me.