As we all know, I’m prone to letting my clothes drop and being naked. I don’t even mind a bit of attention or people looking when I am nude if I’m feeling good. I don’t know if I could work in the environment where nudity and being the focus of attention is normal. During a conversation on a nudist website recently, I found someone who does exactly that. Apparently in Mexico there is a private gentleman’s club where the waiters are nude. The guy I was talking to was one of those waiters. He happily serves the patrons completely nude. The patrons are NOT allowed to touch but of course the intention is for them to appreciate the visual feasts serving their beverages.

It would be great inspiration to look after yourself and stay in shape if you had to be nude and an object of desire every time you turned up for work. It’s a very hot idea and if you have the confidence to do it I say why not?