This photography challenge is proving that if you keep your eyes open you will see things in unexpected places. There have been several entries sent in over the past couple of days. Some of these are going up tonight and some more in the next couple of days, so if you’ve sent in a photo and it’s not up yet, please don’t panic. For those of you still deciding, you’ve got a couple more weeks to email ( your submissions in. One photo per person please and be nice and creative.

The first shot tonight is from long time friend of Aussielicious and fellow nudie Matthew. A New Yorker, Matthew has taken this very cool shot in the Subway of NYC showing the groups of columns down the edge of the platform.

Jeff has sent in a photo of a group of what I believe is Hibiscus flowers. Jeff hasn’t sent in any details so I’m just going to make wild assumptions that he’s naked in Hawaii somewhere.

Next up is local Sydney guy Ulo with a cool almost reportage photo of some sushi chefs surrounded by groups and piles of the different coloured plates that circle on sushi trains.