Yesterday it was reported on the news that a man had collected his luggage at an airport baggage claim after a flight only to find “I AM GAY” written on the luggage (above) in stickers. It could only really have been done by baggage handlers or someone behind the scenes in the airports that the luggage traveled through. The airline has offered a written apology and is investigating the incident. It was only today that I stumbled on a blog post by the “Sleepy Dad” on his blog who turns out to be the owner of the bag.

It was fascinating to read his account of the incident after claiming the bag off the luggage carousel and walking through the airport with it. Knowing the words were written as a slur and intended to be an embarrassment he had to walk through the airport with everyone looking at him because of the message and judging him. Given that not all of society is accepting of homosexuality not all the looks were judging fairly or nicely. Read Sleepy Dad’s full account on his blog.