A straight nudist friend of mine was at one of Sydney’s more mixed nude beaches on the weekend and he was telling me about a group of guys he was chatting to. These guys were all straight as far as he knew and were all about 18-20. They were snorkelling and fishing for the day and all very content happy being nude in the sunshine with mates. Personally that is exactly how I feel people should be. If you can’t be comfortable nude with your closest mates then who can you be? It doesn’t always work like that with most of us being brought up with the idea that nudity is a private thing. So it follows that we keep that from people we know when really, it’s all just body parts and we all have them in various shapes and sizes.

Maybe we have suffered through the terminal prudishness of the guys in the generation younger than me and maybe the generation after them are starting to realise that it doesn’t matter if someone sees your junk. Most of them are taking nude selfies and sending them to people anyway, so why bother wearing your shorts into the shower cubicle at the gym and undress in there? In fact, why not just go back to communal showers?

The only downside to their afternoon nude in the sun was when my friend had to warn them about a guy who was in the bushes trying to take photos of them and other people on the beach. It’s creeps like that, that give nudism a bad reputation. I know my friend was nervous about being nude when the beach was crowded because people were freely getting smart phones out and he didn’t want people taking photos when pretending to text.