When I first came across Kevin McDermott’s photography of beautiful nude men against the backdrop of NYC I wondered how he got away with it. The other day I found out that these shots were taken on the famous NYC High Line before it was converted to parks and walks etc. Back when it was an abandoned above ground train line, Kevin would take beautiful men and shoot them with the famous skyline and NYC Buildings in the background. Now that I know it was right in the heart of the city I wonder even more how he got away with it but I’m very glad he did.

To me they are beautiful photos of stunning men and the high rise buildings in the background or the ladders to nowhere that he has some of the models on are either a cheeky phallic symbol or a bit of a not to the strength and imposing nature of the men he’s shooting. Either way, I like them. I very much doubt you’d get away with shooting nude men there now.