As you may or may not know, I have been setting myself challenges on Instagram by collecting all 26 characters in the alphabet and 10 numbers to go with them. I’ve now done this six times. The first three times were just general collections but the last three have been colour themed. The most recent collection which has only just been finished was in black and white, as requested by a lovely blog reader who has bought three collections on canvas from Redbubble and wants to buy the latest three as well. The black and white collection is now up and ready to purchase.

Inspired by the collections I’m launching the next Aussielicious photography challenge. The last one was won by Franck with a photo from Brussels in the “Red” themed challenge. As is tradition, whoever wins this latest challenge will win a print of Franck’s winning entry and their winning entry will be the prize for the next challenge. You must be able to provide a high quality print of your entry should you win and keep in mind you are trying to take a photo that someone who doesn’t know you would like on their wall. I say that, because no matter how much you love your pet, a stranger probably won’t be interested in a print on their wall of an animal they don’t know.

The theme for this challenge is collections or groups of things. We’ve had a repetition challenge before but this is different. That one lent itself to patterns, this one can be groups of just about anything. Remember I don’t post sexual photos on this blog so keep it clean. Nude is fine if it fits the theme but sex, erections etc are not going to be accepted. Make it artistic, make it beautiful and make it memorable. You need to email submissions to by the end of this month!