When I posted about my Burning Man adventure I wrote about riding the bucking duck at the Duck Pond camp. One of my friends from the GlamCocks sent through a bunch of photos that he took of me on the duck but I’ve been keeping an eye on Burning Man tumblr blogs and I’ve been surprised that I haven’t seen one photo of myself out there on the duck. If anyone finds any more photos (this one doesn’t count because I’m posting it) please send me the link. I’m curious as to how freely people share the photos. There is one Burning Man nudity based blog that has been asked to take the photos down. Hence my blurring the other people’s genitals in this photo.

My friends at Burning Man were adamant that they weren’t going to pose for any photos on the nude pub crawl bike ride but as it bound to happen on a pub crawl, they got quite drunk and by one of the later stops on the ride they were happily posing for photos not quite thinking about it. One of them has been paranoid about having nude photos on the internet. While I’ve never gone completely full frontal on this blog myself, there are full frontals of me out there on the internet and to be honest, I don’t care. I’m never running for politics and I would argue long and loud with anyone that tried to deny me a job because my cock is on the internet.