It is essential for the modern homosexual to keep up with innovations in technology and their appropriate uses. After all, are we not thought of as style innovators and being cutting edge? Yes we are.

The invention of the Snapchat app has seen a creative way to try and curb people using your photos as their own. Certainly, one can screenshot the image if one is fast enough but the chances of one’s saucy selfie ending up on tumblr are greatly diminished when the image disappears in a maximum of ten seconds. One is mightily perplexed as to why people would use such a function to send an image that no one would want to see in the first place, let alone try and preserve for posterity.

The beauty of the expiry deadline on the images being so short is that you can send beautifully composed and artistically lit images of ones genitalia and other incriminating imagery with much less fear of repercussions. Please do NOT continue to send one images of your cat, your mother or a gloomy selfie of your face demanding one “entertain me” when you have thoroughly and completely failed to entertain me. Someone once said of “She was never bored because she was never boring”. Please apply that philosophy to one’s snap chats. Keep them rated R or naughtier, please.