Hawaii had never been on my list of places I really wanted to see. The impression I had was that it was too touristy and commercial. Then a couple of years ago a friend went for a post-breakup escape and loved it.

Knowing that I didn’t want to do Vegas or anywhere busy again after Burning Man this time, I wanted to go somewhere quiet, relaxed and hopefully with a good dose of nudity thrown in. Googling “clothing optional gay accommodation Hawaii” gave me a list of places and one of the first was one of the most appealing. Absolute Paradise B&B turned out to be absolutely ideal for recovering after the craziness of Burning Man. Forty-five minutes out of Hilo, there isn’t a lot to do and nothing nearby so a rental car is a must. There is nowhere to get food after 9pm unless you drive back to Hilo, not even a bar to sit in. Each night was spent in the hot tub or naked around the pool with a drink chatting to the other guests.
Absolute Paradise isn’t what you would call luxurious but it’s a very welcoming and comfortable place to stay. The rooms are large, light and airy and Didier is a great host. He’s got lots of information to help you with your stay if you want it but is also happy to leave you to your own devices if that’s more your style.
The black sand nude beach down the road is stunning and the hot nearly nude or completely nude hippies are a nice little feast for the eyes. As for the rest of the Big Island, the landscape changes from alien-like volcanic desolation, to farm land to tropical lush wilderness depending where you are.
It was the magical end to my trip that I really needed but I didn’t actually expect to love it so much.