Last week I asked the question if any of you would/have/are working as escorts. The poll has now closed and out of 304 votes only two people are currently working as escorts and 25 more have done so in the past. The majority of people, with 172 votes said no way, never to selling sex for money. Surprisingly a further 105 did admit to considering it which is a pretty high percentage overall.

For me I couldn’t do it.  I have too many hangups around sex to do it and back when I didn’t have those hangups I was too uptight and narrow minded to consider it. As I get older I almost rebel at times when people tell me that it’s not right or appropriate to behave a certain way, so if someone told me that it was wrong to escort I’d almost consider it just to prove a point. It’s similar to being so open about being a fan of being nude. People have accused me of being obsessed with being nude, but I’m not. I do genuinely love not wearing clothes but in a way it’s a rebellion against the world getting more prudish.

The two people that responded to the poll saying you were currently escorting, please email me if you see this. I have some questions.