Last night I posted about managing expectations up before a date so that the poor guy was in with a chance rather than expecting nothing but horror dating stories to be shared over dinner parties for years to come. Now I need to readjust those expectations and keep them low. The date last night was very low key and relaxed, enjoying a steak in the local pub served (medium rare) along with nearly three hours of really easy conversation. I have indeed had good dates in the past but for one reason or another the dating hasn’t gone on for long or hasn’t gone anywhere. At the end of last night’s date we both agreed that it had been a really nice night and spoke about catching up this weekend to go and see a movie.

So as you can see, now is the time to keep expectations realistic. In the modern dating world it’s easy for things to go pear shaped and fizzle out. Last night was really enjoyable and I am looking forward to the prospect of catching up with him again but this is not the time for the romantically exuberant fool inside me to bust out and start planning weddings. This is the time to just relax, enjoy his company and see what happens.

Anyone got any suggestions for good movies to go and see?