I’m about to go on a date. Sure, it’s a low key pub meal that we’ve arranged through chatting on Scruff, but it’s a date. Most people end up getting laid using Scruff or Grindr but I don’t and to be honest, most of the time that’s fine with me. Casual sex fills a need but I have more romantic needs than carnal that need filling.

I’ve been on many a date over the years and it seems that in recent years people are forgetting how to communicate well face to face. We are being slowly conditioned to only communicate in LOL’s, FOMO’s and anything else that is less than 140 characters at a time. Someone told me that they’d been to Turtle Cove resort recently and he noticed that guys were too timid to talk to each other in the resort but the same guys would all be chatting to each other from the privacy of their own rooms on Grindr/Scruff. WTF?
It’s refreshing to find other guys that are after a bit more substance than a quick shag but going on these dates I have to manage my own expectations. Sometimes that actually means making myself expect more rather than less. There have been so many painfully awkward dates that have ended up as blog posts that I tend to expect the worst when I meet up with people. If I manage my expectations so that I expect to have an interesting conversation and a few laughs then I may end up a bit disappointed but at least I’ll give the poor guy a chance rather than dooming him to failure before he even turns up. Tonight, my expectations are a good medium rare steak, a beer and fingers crossed, good conversation.