When I made my rather half hearted attempt to get into Game of Thrones because “everyone was watching it” the first thing I noticed was Kit Harington. So far that’s about the only thing I’ve seen him in, but when his character Jon Snow appeared on my screen I was a little smitten. It may have been the luscious lips, or it may have been the gorgeous black curls that give him the look of an adult cherub, but either way I may or may not have thought about waking up with him. Those eyes! Who could resist those eyes? It certainly didn’t hurt that in that same scene he was all for saving the beautiful little puppies.

While I never really got into Game of Thrones despite giving it a good 7 episodes, when I read today that Kit, along with Peter Dinklage and the other cast members have found a “great gay club in Belfast” that is a great night out, I got into Kit even more. We are all fighting so hard for equality at the moment which is a great thing, but we forget that it was a very short time ago that any actor that had even the slightest rumour about his sexuality was quickly married off to a starlet to quash the stories and here we have entire casts of shows going out to gay bars. I love it. Allegedly Peter Dinklage was seen hula hooping at said gay bar too which I love even more.