For a while now I’ve been checking out a site called Islandstuds. Well to be honest I’ve been checking out the previews to their videos but never actually paying for a subscription to the site. I like the basic idea behind the site and it has evolved over time. Whoever is running the site gets visitors to his area of Hawaii or locals, to do a bit of yard work around the property but do it naked. He often films them in the shower as well. He chats to them the whole time keeping them nice and relaxed getting them used to being nude on camera working around the yard or in the kitchen, sometimes “surfing” which is just paddling around flat water on a surfboard, but all nude. The guy that runs the site must also be into watersports because he usually includes a shot of the guys taking a piss.

It’s interesting to see how the site works since there’s no hardcore action. The guys all jack off and show off a hard on but from what I can tell, even when there are a couple of guys at the same time, there’s only been one video where the guys touch each other. The rest of them seem quite happy to have a wank next to another guy and hang out nude showing off a bit and it’s quite a sexy bromance style of dynamic.

This video seems to be taken from one of the full episodes with this guy and features him in the shower semi hard just chatting away to the producer while he washes himself. It’s pretty darned sexy. It just goes to prove that it doesn’t always have to be full on porn to be sexy.

Smooth Man Showering from M Beare on Vimeo.