Going back to Burning Man was always going to be different to the first time. It’s very rare that a second visit to somewhere that was as magical as Burning Man will ever recapture that magic. In some ways that was true of this trip. I wasn’t as awestruck this time as I had been the first time but there was a certain magic in watching my friends, all Burning Man virgins, reacting with that wonder, excitement and craziness.

We took much longer than we’d anticipated to get our shopping done, pick up the RV’s and get to the site. We pulled in to our camping spot at 6 am on the Tuesday morning. I was exhausted and hungry which doesn’t make for a pleasant person to be around, but after a bit of a rest and something to eat we got settled and got my tutu and my Burning Man groove on. This burn was a lot dustier than my first two years ago, but it was just as fun. Going with friends was always going to be fun and easier to hit the ground running compared to camping with people I only knew online. Also being single meant there was a bit more freedom than last time when I had a boyfriend. Not that I did much at all with that freedom in terms of sexual misadventure but I could.

No doubt there will be photos of me naked somewhere on the internet after the nude pub crawl bike ride. At the Duck Pond camp I climbed onto the bucking duck and was thrown unceremoniously nude to the trampoline underneath, laughing all the way. The artworks this year were fantastic as always and riding with one of the guys from my camp, covered in dust, goggles on to see all the artworks out on the playa was one of my highlights and when my mojo really started to kick in.

The other guys are all very keen to go back to do it all again. I am too but I don’t know when. I’ve said all along that the world is too big for me to go back to the same place all the time, especially when it is so far away and such a big effort to go. I will definitely go back, it’s too much fun no to. It’s just a matter of when.

I’ll get myself organised and edit my footage together soon.