Yesterday I had a message on a dudesnude from a Sydney escort telling me his rates. I hadn’t asked and had never sent him a message so I made a bit of a sarcastic facebook post about it. Then I realised that a few of my friends are escorting or have escorted and I was worried that I may have offended them. My post was about the very random way he was going about getting business. Surely people on a site like dudesnude are more in the mood to give it away for free?

Of course, being the over-analytical type that I am, it got my mind working. Would you escort? Like I said, I have several friends who have escorted or are escorting and I figure more power to them. If they have the confidence and security in themselves to do that, then why not? It is just a job after all and who doesn’t like sex? Granted, there will be clients that you really don’t find attractive but as one friend who used to “hook” many years ago said, there is usually something that you can focus on to get you through and these days with Viagra, it’s much easier to fake.

Could I escort? No. The sexual realm is where all my insecurities kick in and I can barely give it away for free so I’m in no position to try and sell it. I have aboslutely no moral judgement against those that can and do. After all there is a very valid reason that it’s called the oldest profession. Everyone needs sexual contact at some stage and for some people it’s easier or more practical to pay for someone that knows what they are doing. You can always find an escort to suit your tastes too I guess.

So, I’m asking you. Would you ever escort?

Would you consider working as an escort?

  • No way. Never. (57%, 172 Votes)
  • I've thought about it. Maybe. (35%, 105 Votes)
  • Been there, done that. Was great at it. (8%, 25 Votes)
  • I'm working as an escort now. (1%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 304

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