Well, after just over 3 weeks, I’m back in Sydney. I landed last night at about 7.30 pm and despite being very tired, I barely slept last night. Sometimes it occurs to me that it might be a good thing that I can’t afford to travel a lot because I don’t think jetlag and I get on very well.

In the lead up to this holiday, I’d barely given any thought to the time in San Fracnisco before heading out to the desert. The main focus of the trip was Burning Man and Hawaii to relax afterwards. My only previous experience with San Fran was 7 years ago when I was seeing Mike long distance and that was the time we spent together that I should have cut my losses and not let things go further. Needless to say this trip to San Fran was very different. Seven friends from Sydney and one from London all having a great time in what I now realise is possibly one of the friendliest gay scenes I’ve ever experienced. Unlike Sydney where the different sub-groups of our “community” barely mingle, San Fran seems to celebrate everyone getting along. Maybe it’s because it’s an older, long-established scene and it’s been through so much in it’s history. Also unlike Sydney, the older generations of gay men are still a vital and welcome part of the scene. In Sydney the older gay men seem to be herded off to a separate bar.

We stayed in a fantastic bed and breakfast called Inn on Castro which was 100m from the famous Twin Peaks bar. The owner, Jan is an expatriot of Denmark but calls San Fran home now and is a wonderful host. Breakfasts were delicious, local knowledge was freely given but without being pushy and the rooms were really nicely kept and very comfortable.

San Fran, it was great to be reacquainted with you. Let’s catch up again soon!