The places I’m going!

I know this video has appeared on my blog a couple of times previously but it sums up the whimsical, bonkers, sometimes scary nature of burning man so very well. In 9 hours I’ll be in the air and on my way on this big adventure that I’ve been looking forward to for so long. It’s a cold day here in Sydney in the last week of Winter and running away to warmer climates and not wearing very much, if anything is really appealing to me. I bitch and moan about being cold but you’ll never hear me complain about being too hot.

Tonight I fly to San Francisco and will hopefully get reacquainted with the city in the two days that I’m there. My lasting impressions of San Fran have been tainted by the man I had a long distance fling with who lived there and hurt me so badly. This time I’ll be with 7 great friends and having a laugh. Can’t be a bad start right? Then it’s off to the wild dusty insanity that is Burning Man. If any readers are going to be on the playa and you see me there, come and say hello. There are 60,000 potential new friends out in Black Rock City, why not come and be one of them?

Then after a night in Lake Tahoe and another night in San Fran it’s off to the Big Island to explore hot springs, waterfalls, nude beaches and generally relax. I need it. I can’t wait. This will be the last blog post for a few weeks but there are several years worth of archives to scroll through if you are a new reader. Don’t forget me while I’m gone!

4 Responses to “The places I’m going!”

  1. 1 billy

    bon voyage

  2. 2 Alex

    Have a safe flight & adventure!

  3. 3 Jack Moss

    Have a wonderful adventure Brenton… Just be free… And use sunscreen …. Burnt knobs can be painful.

  4. 4 martin

    Brenton: One of the guys at my gym was at Burning Man. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him before he left but I saw him today in gym and he says the BM was a blast. I gave him your name but he says almost everyone uses aliases there. His was squirrel and I gather a lot of other gay guys use that name. His background is electrical engineering and he is currently into computers. He was fascinated by a large bus that was wired with a great sound system and lots of LED’s. Did you meet him? Probably not but he says this years Burning Man was a fantastic celebration. Look forward to your comments when you get back home.

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