A few weeks ago I was thinking about a particular friend, one of the guys that’s coming away to Burning Man with me. It occurred to me that not only has this friend become a really good, close friend over the past few years but he’s also become an important friend. It’s not that I’m any closer to this friend than some of my other great friends. It’s just that he challenges me in a good way. He’s really great fun to hang out with as most friends are but when I need it he’s very good at pointing out the error in my ways but doing it in a way that isn’t confrontational. I’m sure if I needed it he’d rip into me. He’s quite strong willed and if he things I need a talking to, he’d have no hesitation in doing it.

We’ve gone nude camping together, had many drinks together, and yes we’ve fooled around before but we’ve never spent 12 days or so together like we will in the desert. Thank goodness for the open miles of desert filled with 60,000+ people to disappear into if any of the group are getting on each other’s nerves.

The poor guy has been working ridiculously long hours in the lead up to this trip and I’m glad he’s made it. He’s going to be great fun to have on this trip. Yep, he qualifies as a very important friend.