In two days I board a plane for a trip that I’ve been talking about (driving people crazy about) for a very long time. My friends and I decided to go to Burning Man 2013 about 16 months ago. After seeing Vegas and NYC last time I went to Burning Man, this time it was an absolute must to go somewhere quiet, relaxing, warm and if possible, naked. A bit of google action later and I’d found a little B&B on the Big Island of Hawaii and I was set. I’d always written Hawaii off as being too touristy and commercial, which I’m sure Waikiki is.

The area I’m going to is near lava flows, waterfalls, Kehena black sand nude beach, hot springs and a whole bunch or relaxed gorgeousness that will serve me well after the crazy chaos that is Burning Man. A guy from one of the other Sydney groups of gay men at Burning Man is going to be at the same B&B for a few days overlap so there will be a familiar face to hang out with as well after a few days of solitude and relaxation. Even though I fly out on Friday evening, it still doesn’t quite all feel real that I’m going. I’ve never travelled overseas with such a big group of friends and the potential for drama is much higher when there are more of you living in such close quarters. The desert is vast and there are 60,000+ people to go talk to if tension runs high. I need this holiday very much and I can not wait!