Fratpad was one of the first sites that had straight guys running around naked and performing on web cam for paid subscribers. They have always got the mix of guys and the situations so very right. The guys mostly identify as straight, have ridiculous bodies and have no trouble being complete exhibitionists. In the last couple of years the shenanigans have gotten more blatantly sexual with blow jobs happening and I have to wonder how on earth they get guys to do it. Sure money is a big motivator and I guess if you are chilled out about your sexuality and comfortable in who you are, getting off is getting off, no matter how is helping you out.

Jasun Mark who blogs over at Gay Daily Hot has a rule when he’s working with gay-for-pay models on one of his sets, if they won’t suck cock they don’t get the job and I think that’s a great rule. The guys on Fratpad seem to have no drama with it, nor very intimate group showers, their famous jackoff races or even the non sexual group nudity that we all fantasize a frathouse is full of all the time.

They got a bit of notoriety a year or two ago when a former Fratpad Alumni was part of a “Real World” series reality show and people recognised him but he denied doing it. Hard to deny it when the video and photos of you wanking, naked gyrating and even sucking cock are all over the internet.