This week something popped up on a blog about Burning Man using the term Shirtcocking. I have to admit that I had to go to google which led me to the Urban Dictionary which provided the answers I needed. Urban Dictionary provides the definition of Shirtcocking as “verb: meaning to wear only a shirt and no pants or underwear, hence just a shirt and cock. However, can also be applied to girls. May have first been created at Burning Man.” Seems perfectly appropriate to me but the blog post was calling for an end to shirtcocking at Burning Man. Not an end to cocks on display mind you, just a call for either the shirt to come off as well or pants to go on.

It turns out that I’ve been an occasional shirtcocker for years and had no idea! Sometimes when you want the freedom of being naked but a little more warmth is necessary than nudity provides, popping a shirt on solves all the problems. It’s so comfortable to be pants-free. Sleeping nude is pretty much a must for me but on those rare occasions when you need to be a little warmer a t-shirt is the best option, not pants.

The subtle tease of a sexy butt poking out from under a tank top or t-shirt is pretty darned sexy too. It feels a little more voyeuristic and unexpected than a completely nude man. My name is Brenton and I’m a proud shirtcocker!