It seems like there is a very real and tangible change happening in the world of sport. There is finally a bit of global outrage happening in regards to Russia’s anti-gay legislation and the Winter Olympics. Jason Collins came out in the NBA and Robbie Rogers came out as he retired from professional soccer then promptly came out of retirement when he realised the amount of support he had.

TMZ has a history of getting statements from celebrities about whatever they think to ask at airports when the celebrity doesn’t have anywhere to hide. So when they got wrestler Darren Jones of the WWE at the baggage carousel with no one around, oddly the first question they asked was whether or not he thought a gay wrestler would be accepted in the WWE. Even more suprisingly, Darren not only said yes of course, it would be fine, he went on to come out himself. Given that wrestling really isn’t very big here in Australia, I had to go hunting for information on Mr Young. Seeing some of the photos of him in a sequined gold headband and sparkly wrestling outfit, one might wonder how we didn’t know earlier but wrestling isn’t known for it’s subtlety.

You wonder if some of the more uptight guys in the wrestling world might deviate from the carefully scripted theatrics of wrestling and throw a real move in there to reassert their masculinity in such a macho sport but I have a feeling Darren Young is going to be just fine. Finally, the world is evolving a little.

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