A few days ago when some photos of Justin Bieber naked playing the guitar appeared online I thought they were fake. Then it rather quickly turned out that they were real and I really didn’t know what to think.

Justin Bieber is someone that pisses me off at times. I thought for a long time that he was nothing but a precocious brat with too much money who needed to be told no occasionally. Then I saw him on Ellen one day and he was humble and self deprecating and seemed nice. Apparently he does lots of hospital visits and charity work quietly and without fanfare which is great. Lately however he’s been looking on the verge of a Britney style meltdown and spitting on fans, pissing in restaurants etc and behaving like a dickhead.

So when these nude photos surfaced I thought it was more of him being a dickhead. Sounds hypocritical from someone who loves getting nude and having a laugh but it wasn’t that. Bieber seems to me like someone that loves attention. I could be very wrong and I hope I am. The bit that has me conflicted is the fact that he was serenading his grandmother while he was naked. That just made me laugh. Some would find that creepy but I know my grandmother would have found that hysterical if I’d done something like that. Grandmothers are usually more relaxed about life than parents who are too invested in making sure you turn out alright. Grandparents realise that you’ll be fine and a bit of a laugh along the way isn’t going to hurt.

While I think Justin Beiber could do with some time away from the terrifying screams of adoring pubescent girls and get his feet back on the ground, this made me like him just a little bit. But Justin, please stop with the tattoos. You aren’t hard core or gangster. You still look like a baby lesbian.