This country has a blessedly short election campaign. It will all be over in a matter of weeks and I will be out of the country for the last two weeks of the campaigning. Kevin Rudd (above left) was booted out of the Prime Ministership the first time around for a number of reasons, arrogance and petulance being a couple of them. Several more reasons were policy related. Now he is back in the job and trying to defend his title and I’m still not sure he’s a great leader. Thankfully he is now in favour of gay marriage and has pledged to introduce a marriage equality bill in his first 100 days if he is re-elected.

On the other hand we have Tony Abbott (above right). A conservative religious man who despite being very intelligent, comes across as a complete buffoon when the situation isn’t carefully scripted. This week he went to kiss a baby but the mother unintentionally turned away so he kissed the back of the mother’s head instead. Awkward and creepy? Yes. This week he has also said that no one man should be the suppository of all knowledge. We think he means repository? He also decided that it was appropriate when describing a female fellow party candidate, to say she had sex appeal. Ok, kinda inappropriate and what of her other, more applicable skills Tony?

Today, he has said that in regards to marriage equality that he won’t be making any radical changes on a topic that is just “fashion of the moment”. WTF? Human rights and equality are just “fashion of the moment”? How dare you Mr Abbott. You may be a very intelligent man but you are an embarrassment to your party and will be an embarrassment to your country on the world stage if you lead this country.