A couple of weeks ago I was out and ran into someone that I’ve hooked up with and hung out with before. He’s a nice guy but pretty full on and not good at taking no for an answer. He paid me a compliment which I laughed off as usual, to which he responded that “confidence is very sexy, mister.”

Now, I’ve never been particularly confident about relationships or my own body image etc and I’m the first to admit it’s gotten worse over the past few years. Can you fake confidence til you actually start developing some? I’m sure you can, I just haven’t worked out how. I was raised in a family that frowned upon boasting about your successes. Maybe I’ve taken that too far but I still firmly believe that it’s a fine line between being confident and being arrogant. For some, insecurities and a lack of confidence comes across as arrogant and I’ve been guilty of assuming people love themselves when they are probably as neurotic about being accepted as I am.

I’m going to use Burning Man to try and fake some confidence and try and earn some of the real stuff back.

PS I know this is an old photo and I don’t look this good or this airbrushed. It’s from 6 years ago before I lost all my confidence.