This video captured my imagination today. I’ve been thinking more and more about running away from the city and living a quieter life. In reality that would probably drive me insane as much as the city does at times. Oh to be rich and have a country property and a city one. Certainly not happening in my foreseeable future. This couple were on a first date and talked about building a house all of windows to capture the sunsets and what do you know? They ended up married and doing exactly that. They scoured garage sales for windows and then built an entire wall out of the windows at the exact spot they’d been walking on that first date. I love the whimsical nature of the wall. All the different windows coming together to create a mosaic of glass. I was in a really shitty mood at work when I saw this video and it helped cheer me up so I thought I’d share.

Half Cut Tea . com | Nick Olson & Lilah Horwitz from Matt Glass on Vimeo.