As a lot of you may know already Cirque Du Soleil had a tragic accident occur in one of their resident shows in Vegas in the last couple of days. One of their original cast members was doing a performance in their show “Ka” and it sounds like one of the safety harnesses has failed or some of the rigging has failed in some capacity. If anyone has seen Ka, they’ll know the stage has a void around it where the performers routinely disappear off the edge as part of the act and at times the stage itself rotates so that it’s vertical. At one of those parts of the show, near the finale, Sara Guyard-Guillot has fallen 15 metres down into the void and sustained fatal injuries.

Being a very amateur circus student it’s very easy to see how accidents happen but this is just awful. The audience thought it was part of the act until the music stopped and they could hear the performer groaning and other performers crying and screaming. This is the first death in a show in Cirque Du Soleil’s 30 year history. They take every safety precaution possible so this is a horrible accident that I’m sure will be investigated. Such a sad loss.

The video below is not the act where the accident happened and nor is it the performer in question but it was a beautiful part of the show and one of my favourites when I went to see it two years ago.