The internet is a magical land of oddities, viral lunatics and exhibitionism. Vimeo is full of people videoing themselves doing some of the most mundane tasks about their homes known to man but doing it nude. I’m not sure why people think that we might want to see them taking their rubbish out or sweeping up the leaves with their junk out but hey, each to their own. Occasionally you come across some that titillate or entertain you. Today I came across the first of the two videos below, called Mortal Kombat Meatspinner. Bascially some guy has filmed himself naked and super imposed it in front of different bits of Mortal Kombat. As you do.

The second video is a young guy called Jamie Stroud. He’s certainly a bit of an oddball. His videos have titles that suggest deep philosophical thoughts but really are just excuses for him to get his gear off and/or dance around. Thankfully he’s pretty good to look at. If you are into watersports, the bodily function kind not the summer exercise kind, he has a video out there of him pissing while doing the splits, while doing a handstand and then way over his head and in his own face too which is kind of enthralling to watch. The boy has some control. In this video however he’s just bouncing around his gymnasium and other places nude.

Don’t forget this blog is always welcoming to random, non sexual nudity. If you are brave enough to get nude somewhere you maybe shouldn’t be, feel free to capture the moment and send it in.

mortal kombat meatspinner from Meat Spinner on Vimeo.

Bunnyflop from Jamie Stroud on Vimeo.