A little while ago I posted that I thought I might have been worn down on beard tolerance and was starting to find guys attractive with beards. Can the same thing be happening with tattoos? I’ve never hated tattoos but I think there are going to be a LOT of people wishing they hadn’t so wholeheartedly embraced the ink gun in a few years time.

Parker Hurley is a model that wears his tattoos well and wears very little else thank goodness. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Parker is ridiculously hot and has a smoking hot body that looks like it’s been manufactured by the same people that make my fantasies, which generally makes for a good canvas for a tattoo. Mr Hurley also looks just as good with a shaved head as he does with hair and that smile could convince me to do just about anything.

I just can’t help but wonder what all these guys who have amazing bodies now, and full sleeve arm tattoos are going to look like when their skin loses it’s sheen and the tattoos all over their bodies become an indecipherable blurred mess?