I’ve realised that I work best when given a deadline to work to. When someone told me to commit to a date for my first exhibition I did it and I worked hard and got it done in time and got some great results. The AussieBum/ Aussielicious Fitness challenge was less successful but it takes more than a deadline to get me inspired for cardio apparently.

Tomorrow night I go back to aerial silks class for third term of the year. At the end of most terms the circus school puts on what they’ve nicknamed an Open Rig night. It’s like an open mic night for comedians but for circus performers. It’s not supposed to be a fully rehearsed, polished show but a chance to showcase a routine we might be working on. I’m going to push myself and commit to getting a routine ready for the end of this term, so I have 9 weeks roughly to get my endurance back up to scratch and hopefully my body will come back along with it. I have a song chosen and a routine roughly worked out in my head. Let’s see if I can pull it all together.