In 88 days time, my friends and I will be arriving in the Nevada desert for Burning Man. The 8 of them, for the first time. For me, it’s a return journey that I can’t wait to make. I didn’t realise how much I’d loved it or how much it had got under my skin until I wasn’t there while it was on last year. When I was there in 2011, I was leaving a boyfriend back here in Sydney and camping with people that I didn’t really know. I’m not the person that is the life of a party amongst strangers, so I was very reserved at my last Burning Man. I often felt like I was intruding on people’s time there. It wasn’t the impression they gave me but I found it hard to immerse myself.

This time I’m taking my 8 friends, there are a heap of other gay guys from Sydney going and we are all hoping to set up our RV’s together. This time as well, there is no boyfriend back here, or going with me so I’m free to behave as I wish. Now I have no problem being monogamous or behaving myself in a situation like that, but at Burning Man there are lots of opportunities for sexual adventures and this time I may just have to leave my hangups back in Sydney and see what fun I can have.

Oh the places I want to go!