This set of photos has been floating around the internet for a while now but up til now I haven’t been able to find out who the model is. Turns out his name is Seth Kuhlmann. If you google that name you get a lot of these images and a few where he looks much more mainstream, clean cut boy next door, just with WAY better abs. This set is by Steven Klein. I love how bonkers this shoot is and that it was probably in a fashion magazine even though there isn’t a stitch of clothing in it. Just to make sure you are aware, that is definitely not a complaint. People like Seth, who look the way he does should never be allowed to wear clothing. They should exist in warm climates where clothing isn’t necessary.

It must be so tough walking around looking like that. Next I’ll find out that he’s a lovely guy, rescues puppies, cures diseases and wants a husband. In which case I’m going to assume he’s really a unicorn because people like him don’t exist.