It’s been a while since the last photography challenge so it’s time for the next round. This time I’m keeping it simple. The theme is pretty broad. It’s RED. That’s right, the colour red. This gives you all so many opportunities to shoot something beautiful no matter where you live, what the weather is doing or what your interests are. Remember I want beautiful artistic photographs, not happy snaps. Photos that look like they’ve been taken on a phone will be rejected. The aim of this image, if you win, is for it to be donated as a print to the winner of the next challenge so you have to create something that will be beautiful to someone that doesn’t know you or anything about the place or object that you are shooting.

The deadline for submissions for the challenge is the end of June. So you have OVER a month to find something and photograph it. The object you are photographing doesn’t necessarily have to be red itself, but it might be in a red light, reflecting something red, someone wearing something red etc etc. Be creative. The self portrait challenge last time got some great submissions and I’m sure you can all do great things with this challenge as well. You are limited to ONE submission per person.

Email your photos to and remember this blog accepts nudity but not sex or erections! Keep it classy people.