Fingers crossed

Today, my facebook feed was awash with red equality profile shots after the Human Rights Campaign released a red and white version of their logo to coincide with the US Supreme Court hearing the case for marriage equality and deciding the future of Proposition 8. I’m not following it closely because all the reporting is very speculative at the moment and it’s all in quite legal mumbo jumbo which I will never claim to understand. Read a good article about turning facebook red here. Even celebrities like Beyonce got in on the act shouting her support for Equality. I know we’ve said it before, but it really does feel like the tide has turned on this issue and it’s only a matter of time. Hopefully very little time.

When I was in my early teens and was starting to have subconscious gay thoughts and realised we had a gay couple moving in up the road, there was never any thought of gay marriage being possible. For me it was akin to the Berlin Wall which at the time I never thought we’d see come down either. Now I know that this wall of inequality will come down and it will crash down soon.

Below is a a very clever video. The argument of conservatives has long been that allowing gay marriage will ruin the institution of marriage. So someone went and asked the opponents of gay marriage exactly how their own marriages had been impacted in the ten years since gay marriage had been legalised in Massachusets. The answer? No impact at all. One even said it had strengthened his own marriage. Interesting.

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  1. 1 David Asset

    It seems likely after yesterday that the Prop 8 ban on gay marriage in California will either be overturned or the appeal dismissed but the Supreme Court apparently doesn’t wish to deliver a more sweeping decision that would make same sex marriage legal in all fifty states. Today’s hearing on federal recognition of gay marriage should give us more indication of how the court is moving.

  2. 2 BosGuy

    Prop 8 sounds like the weaker of the two arguments that are before the SCOTUS, but the attention this is getting is insane here. I couldn’t be happier because it is bringing the issue front and center (again) but this time not in the context of a political election / campaign.

    To say that the American public has moved beyond this issue is an understatement. There remain large parts of the US who remain opposed to marriage equality, but that demographic continues to shrink both in numbers and geography at an amazing rate. I have never been so optimistic about this issue, and I hope the continued trend here in the US (along with the media attention it is creating) helps pro-marriage groups in other countries like Australia.

  3. 3 Lex

    I’ve been trying to follow the news in my free about what’s going on. I had a friend growing up who had two moms & his life was generally more stable than me & most of my other friends. Not to many people have been discussing it on campus. I feel that a good amount of American’s are starting to change their stance on lgbt rights as a whole but there are those pockets that will never change & be completely hostile towards any sort of change. I’d like to think that maybe by the time my generation are the ages of our parents & grandparents that things will be better & I think they will. There will always be a vocal, unwelcoming opposition, hopefully a smaller one, but isn’t there always.

    Also nice portrait.

  4. 4 Jackie

    Stunning beautiful photo…and those eyes!
    It’s only a matter of time before gay marriage will be mainstream. Great to see the reception Ellen and Portia had in OZ this week and not because they are lesbians.
    Love to see a similar pic of you shaven Brenton! Love the smooth look and feel…

  5. 5 Billy

    The simile with the Berlin wall is very apt.

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