In my years of blogging I’ve learnt to resist the urge to blog angry or respond to nasty comments when angry. Some people, I think need to apply the same restraint to dating. Don’t date when angry. There is someone I’ve been chatting to on Scruff that I think is going be quietly blocked and never heard from again hopefully. He hasn’t said anything nasty to me but he’s new to Sydney and isn’t responding well to the change of pace. Sydney guys have a reputation, generally speaking, for being a touch unfriendly and I have certainly found it hard to meet guys here, clearly.

This guy has been asking me “Why are all Sydney guys such assholes?” Well, I’m not sure, but looking for someone to date with the preconceived idea that they are an asshole probably isn’t going to get you very far. I’m hardly an expert when it comes to dating but starting the date with the attitude that it’s going to be a disaster doesn’t seem the way to handle it.

Now, if only I could learn not to drive angry.