Showing it all off!

I’m giving this another shot. A while ago I posted about trying to find models willing to pose full frontal to submit to Dylan Rosser’s site The Male Form. It seems that even though Sydney is full of very body conscious men who will send a photo of their cock to anyone who wants to suck it, asking them to go full frontal for beautiful artistic photos is a very different thing.
I understand their reluctance but I don’t understand the vast difference geographically in the number of men willing to show it all or not. It seems that Dylan has no drama finding willing men in the UK or in the US but here in Australia, guys seem less willing. Is it because of the number of guys? Sydney, and especially the gay scene, is a pretty small place compared to London or New York, so perhaps it feels more like everyone will find out and use it against them if they do.
I realise that there is a touch of hypocrisy at play here since I won’t post my own full frontals on this blog but they are out there on the internet, it’s just not here.
I did have a few volunteers here in Sydney, but they were not at all the right image to go on The Male Form and I’ve also had a volunteer from the US but he hasn’t made any specific plans to get here yet.
So, if there are any readers in Sydney who are fit and athletic who are willing to pose full frontal or anyone knows any Sydney boys who would do it, please come my way!

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  1. 1 Passing thru...

    The easy answer? Rosser is running a commerical enterprise, so I’d assume the guys he photographs are getting paid fair market rates for their time.

  2. 2 tom sprick

    I would be delighted to pose full frontal for you. I am very comfortable with my body, penis and all, and regularly frequent nude beaches, camp sites, ect and love being nude any tie i can. The problem? You have made it abundantly clear in your posts over the years that at 45 years old and not a perfect gm body, I would fall into your category of “creepy old fat man perving at the beach”. No thanks! I enjoy your blog alomost everyday,think yo have a lot of talent on several areas but you do put out a a strong anti-age, anti-body acceptence vibe. Good luck with the photography though, you have a good point of view in your shots.

  3. 3 Lex

    Well, from what I’ve seen not all the models featured on his site are buff athletic. Some of the guest photographers features use different body types, still in shape, but leaner, more track & field type than the more muscular ones Dylan uses. Maybe try that route? I know from experience that most are okay with rear nudity because usual your aren’t showing your face, sometimes just profile. Showing your front, even if you are in shape is very daring especially for photos that will more than likely be around forever. Some professional models at agencies, at least stateside are even told not to shoot frontal no matter what the photographer is asking.
    Wishing you luck dude.

  4. 4 David Asset

    First, I have to say that I disagree with Tom Sprick’s sentiment about ageism on your blog. You’ve published my nude photographs on Aussielicious and lord knows, I’m well over 40 and I was never meant to feel like a “creepy old fat man perving at the beach”. Second, I think part of the problem is that there is still a stigma attached to men who pose full-frontal or appear in theatrical performances full-frontal or even partially nude and that exists even in NYC. I recently received a request from an actor who appeared mostly nude in Broadway Bares who asked me to remove from my blog his photos and any video from the event due to privacy concerns. I knew immediately that this was a request from the actor’s agent, not from the actor. Agents are concerned that their clients, actors and models alike, won’t be considered for serious parts if their naked asses and dicks are floating all over the internet. The might be the resistance you’re experiencing.

  5. 5 drew

    I’m sorry but Tom’s comment is way off the mark about Brenton being ageist or having an issue with the real body types of gay men. The simple fact is that the website he wants to post on is about the muscular younger guys not us older guys. that’s cool but don’t attack him for looking for that type to photograph to get published on a site for that type of guy.

    would you be so offensive to him if he said he was looking for bears to photograph for a gay bear website and you were a skinning young twink and would not fit the role?

  6. 6 Patrick

    Just wanted to back up the guys disagreeing with Tom Sprick. I really don’t think it’s ageist or unfair on Brenton’s part to say that he finds certain types of men more beautiful or perhaps just photogenic than other types. Look, Tom, it’s great that you’re comfortable with the way you look, but most gay men (and, of course, straight women) prefer men who are younger and more fit. It has as much to do with our biology as it does with cultural norms. I can’t reproduce with another man, but if I could, I’d rather do it with Jeremy Renner than Ian McKellen (whom I dearly love). That’s just how it is.

  7. 7 JonS

    Brenton, I know what you have said in the past about your own full frontals. Sweetheart, get over yourself and model the behavior you want in those around you. If there is nothing wrong with hanging out at the nude beach and you post photos of other men who have joined you at the beach but refuse to post your own despite the fact that your bits are floating around on other sites, you are sending a message that there is something wrong with you or there is something wrong about being naked. If your family reads your blog then let them know in advance, but for god’s sakes, if they have read your blog then seeing your bits is rather anticlimactic. The point here is why should any man be willing to pose for you if you are not willing to do the same? Grow a pair and proudly show em off!

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