I’m giving this another shot. A while ago I posted about trying to find models willing to pose full frontal to submit to Dylan Rosser’s site The Male Form. It seems that even though Sydney is full of very body conscious men who will send a photo of their cock to anyone who wants to suck it, asking them to go full frontal for beautiful artistic photos is a very different thing.
I understand their reluctance but I don’t understand the vast difference geographically in the number of men willing to show it all or not. It seems that Dylan has no drama finding willing men in the UK or in the US but here in Australia, guys seem less willing. Is it because of the number of guys? Sydney, and especially the gay scene, is a pretty small place compared to London or New York, so perhaps it feels more like everyone will find out and use it against them if they do.
I realise that there is a touch of hypocrisy at play here since I won’t post my own full frontals on this blog but they are out there on the internet, it’s just not here.
I did have a few volunteers here in Sydney, but they were not at all the right image to go on The Male Form and I’ve also had a volunteer from the US but he hasn’t made any specific plans to get here yet.
So, if there are any readers in Sydney who are fit and athletic who are willing to pose full frontal or anyone knows any Sydney boys who would do it, please come my way!