If one is interested romantically in someone else that you meet on average once a year, and you’ve been hinting at this romantic interest for a while, of course you should keep hinting and trying. Goodness knows that after 14 years of being turned down politely, maybe the guy just isn’t getting the hint.

If one has offered to exchange phone numbers on several occasions and the conversation always seems to get changed or the object of your affection offers to get your number from a mutual acquaintance but never does, that’s just a coincidence. Surely he must mean to get the number and he almost certainly never means to change the conversation. It seems perfectly logical to assume that perhaps the target of your affections is just slow to let people in. There’s no need to worry that he might not be interested. In fact, if one runs into said target of your stalking affections, one should continue to offer up unsolicited information about ones-self, even if he is too humble to show an interest and tries to walk away. Don’t let him. Keep talking. One day, one just may lure him in.

Fourteen years of failed seduction is just a mere speed hump on the road to romance.