This video footage has emerged of what the “police brutality victim” did before the video we saw before. Jamie is seen punching and kicking the officers and thus the “resisting arrest” charge. Let me just say, I have never said that this kid didn’t deserve to be arrested. I haven’t seen yet what he did before this second video was shot to be originally detained but from what I’ve heard, he probably did deserve to be arrested. What the public outcry has been about is the complete over reaction of the police. In the initial video the 60-65kg guy was in handcuffs. Sure he was probably being a bit feisty but I still maintain the body slam in the initial video was completely unwarranted. If the 4 or 5 much bigger police officers couldn’t restrain him then they need retraining.

There was a “peaceful” march held on Friday night and sadly there was an element of the crowd that were trying to be inflammatory with signs like “Fuck the Police” and “All cops are bastards” and of course, those are the signs that the media picked up on, not the calm hopeful protesters. It’s those people who just love a good argument that are going to do the cause way more harm than good. Fingers crossed the over riding message of the march wasn’t lost in the process.

I’d also like to point out that I’m very pro police. They do a job that I wouldn’t want to do in a million years. The reaction to the initial video is also for me, more about an apparent systemic abuse of power by police. We have now had several cases of Police using way too much force than required for a situation. In one case a Brazilian student was tasered 5 times and died. My concern over what happened on Mardi Gras night has nothing to do with sexuality but the excessive force used by one officer and the fact that the other officer tried to stop people filming it. At this stage there have been several internal inquiries into these incidents but no external inquiry which to me, is part of the problem. The problems are being swept under the carpet.