A disgusting display.

On Saturday night, Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras celebrated the 35th anniversary of the parade. 35 years ago, the first brave souls marched up Oxford Street demanding rights for the LGBT community. They were arrested by the police and sadly it seems that not much has changed. After the parade, a celebration of how far we’ve allegedly come, this 18 year old man was brutally thrown around by a police officer despite being half the policeman’s size and being compliant. You can hear his skull hit the ground and see the blood from the initial throw-down by the same policeman.

Thank goodness for camera phones and social media. Without them this story would have been buried by the media as whining by “the gays” and swept under the carpet by homophobic police. This video has been shared tens of thousands of times on facebook and there is going to be an inquiry into the incident and another alleged case of similar police heavy handedness. Both incidents the victims, according to many witness reports, were doing nothing wrong.

There were lots of police brought in for the night’s parade from areas of Western Sydney not known for their accepting attitudes towards diversity and homosexuality and this police officer is from a particularly rough area. I hope he gets the treatment he deserves.

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  1. 1 Glendon

    Crazy. What the hell was the reasoning for his actions???

  2. 2 David

    In America, that’s worth about $1,500,000 US dollars paid in a settlement to the poor gay guy who was beat up by that cop. I hope at least that is the result in Australia. Or more.

  3. 3 Sue

    Horrific. The cop that did this should lose his job and do hard time for this heinous crime.

  4. 4 Lex

    The was sickening. I always think how bad lgbt treatment is here but I forget how much harder it is in most other countries.

  5. 5 kazza

    That was just so upsetting. What a terrible thing. That could have been my baby they did that too. I hope that neanderthal of a policeman is forced to resign. I hope we find out the outcome of this. Is that poor young man okay? And is this policeman booted off the force? This is not policing, this is brutality.

  6. 6 Martin

    Please keep those of us overseas updated on the outcome of this beating. I sometimes think it is the guys deepest in the closet who do this sort of thing to men who’s only fault is that they are out of the closet.

  7. 7 Mike Deakin

    God, that made me cry watching it. Whatever the lead-up had been that led to the arrest in the first place, which we can’t know from this video, the guy was clearly co-operating and being perfectly compliant. Can’t believe he would just launch him against the pavement like that. Thank goodness for phonecams etc. Hope this policeman gets severe punishment.

  8. 8 kral

    Well I do and don’t agree. What happened was horrific, we don’t know the details about the lead up, but whatever they are the results were not appropriate.

    Saying nothing has changed in 35 years is absolute rubbish. 35 years ago the NSW police would have beat him up and nothing would have been done, it wouldn’t be one idiot copper it would have been a normal Saturday night. Now the majority of NSW police will be the first ones to help you when you get into trouble, there is no way that the majority would call you a fag or worse. Unlike 35 years ago.

    At Mardi Gras I saw thousands of police, and I saw them helping. Helping direct people to where they wanted to go, helping the spirit of the evening. I saw one officer offer his car back seat up so a woman could help her toddler. I saw NSW police force being part of the community. I saw NSW Police marching with me.

    One bad cop. One. Not an entire Police Force, that is an amazing change in 35 years.

    One cop and every other officer there is tarred with the homophobic brush.

  9. 9 Dexter Mejia

    It is easy to demonize a group of people the same way that the LGBT people have been demonized. I have to mention that the NSW police joined the parade in their uniform.

    I am not sure if I am interpreting too much but I think I see a smile on 0:04 Notice also that he is pulling away from the police and moving towards the crowd. Is that really complying?

    Alcoholism and alcohol-related violence are huge problems in Australia (resulting to rising number of injuries and casualties in the past few years) so it is really hard to blame the police for being heavy-handed.

  10. 10 drew

    No not just one bad cop a whole lot of them.

    It’s easy to say it was just one bad cop who used excessive force, but in the video there are at least three other cops around him.

    Did they step in and stop the bad cop? No they did not they stood by and watched.

    that’s three bad cops even if the others did noting but watch that’s still enough.

    Do you idly stand by when someone gets beaten up by one of your colleagues? Is that moral? Is that the right thing to do?

    This was just one of several incidents on the night of alleged excessive force.

    Many of us will be rallying on Friday night to call for a full independent investigation into the alleged incidents and we expect if members of the police force are found to have used excessive force that suitable punishment including criminal charges are laid.

    If there are systemic issues with excessive force then new training programs need to be developed to address this.

    Personally I believe their is a systemic problem in the police force and I believe it needs to be addressed through training and eduction programs.

    I also believe it stems from our political masters inability to stand for equality. After all how can we expect our public servants to accept equality when their leaders do not?

  11. 11 Dexter Mejia


    News reports have commented that Jamie appears to be swinging a punch at the police officer.

  12. 12 Jack Moss

    A couple of bad cops giving the force a bad name when they have done such positive work in Sydney with the gay community. This thug cop from the south western suburbs needs to be sacked… the level of police brutality was not warranted for an 18 year old just out to celebrate mardi gras…even if he was drunk or high. Well done Brenton. Do we know who this cop is to out him?

  13. 13 The Admiral

    As expected there has been more footage released that was taken before the video you have posted. It clearly shows the ‘kid’ punching and kicking at the police which is obviously the reason for his arrest in the first place. It is still no justification for what happened afterward but the one thing you never ever ever do it assault the police and expect to get away with it.

    Yes, the original YouTube clip is brutal and it is not justified but one bad cop, and it was only one cop, should not taint the great cops we have.

  14. 14 Jon

    Long time reader… First time commenter… Seriously… Police brutality…??? Agree the cop used too much force but this kid is not innocent…

    Your whole post furiates me as its this narrow minded victim within the gay community which makes us all look pathetic!

    Thanks must go to you and the 1000 plus protest from Taylor square to the police station for putting us back 15 years!

  15. 15 Connor

    I agree with Jon – too much force used, but my whole concern from the start was ‘what happened before to make the cop react in such a way’, and then what do you know, video emerges of what was happening, and it was this ‘innocent kid’ who started the whole thing. If you actually watch the second video, the little prick had this smirk on his face, directly at his mates who filmed the video they leaked, and he started his little carry on.

    Also its very very interesting you have not mentioned anything of this other video coming out Brenton, long time reader of your blog, now very disappointed you’ve chosen to ignore the evidence that has come out in order to promote police brutality.

  16. 16 Mark

    I don’t think that he was as “squeaky clean” as was alleged. I do not support violence against gays but, what happened BEFORE this scene? I think that he took swings at the police and kicked them! We probably need to see ALL the event in it’s entirety. Not just a portion of it.

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