A couple of nights ago Australian 60 Minutes had a story on circumcision. There is a doctor campaigning in one Australian state to make it illegal to circumcise boys for anything other than medical reasons. Circumcision is one of those topics that really get people riled up. I get a bit angry about it when I hear, mainly women, argue that it’s neater and cleaner to be circumcised. I call bullshit on that. I don’t have a foreskin myself but unless your foreskin is too tight to roll back, then it’s very easy to clean. That argument falls into the same category as parents who don’t want to have a slightly uncomfortable conversation with their children about two men falling in love.

There are some medical arguments for circumcision, like HIV but that problem seems to be easily solved with the use of a condom in developed countries and how on earth are you going to police circumcision in undeveloped countries where they can barely afford clean water, let alone medical procedures?

Unlike some men, who are trying to grow their foreskin back, I don’t feel any sense of anger or deep seated memories of pain and betrayal at being circumcised but I genuinely and wholeheartedly cannot fathom why we need to cut a piece of very sensitive, pleasure giving skin off a young boy because his parents don’t want to teach him to clean it. Heaven help them with toilet training. To all the women out there who want their boyfriend/partner/husband/male significant other to be “neater”, how would you feel if we asked you to trim those flappy bits off your vagina? Outraged! Absolutely. Female circumcision is brutal and painful and barbaric and much more invasive than male circumcision but women all around the world ask their partners  to be circumcised.

I personally don’t have a preference in my sexual partners as to whether they are cut or not and even if I did, it’s not my body so it’s none of my business to tell them what to do with it any more than I could ask them to cut an ear off if I had the inclination.

*Disclaimer. I’m not even going near the religious arguments for and against.