One afternoon last week, I happened to be home at a time when I normally wouldn’t be and I watched the kind of reality television that is formulaic and predictable but oh so addictive. Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition was on. I watched one amazing woman lose 92kg/202lb over the course of a year. She worked damn hard to lose her weight, but if I had the guy motivating me and training me that she did, I’d look fucking amazing.

Chris Powell spends a year working with his subjects on the show, even staying with them allegedly for the first 3 months. His amazing smile and sparkling blue eyes could get me to do anything and if he took his shirt off I’d do it all again. His body looks strong and not just from lifting things up and down but from using it and using it well. This is where I insert a joke about using it well myself. He’s a compact guy but strong and just damn hot. Of course he’s on the other team. Sorry folks he’s married with 3 children and I bet those kids have abs by the time they get to school.