Well all the submissions are in for the self portrait challenge, the entries are closed and it’s time to vote. There are 16 different photos for you to choose from in this photography challenge. Before you vote, I’ll remind you of the criteria. The winner of this challenge will win a print of the winning entry from the last challenge and also, their winning entry will be offered as the prize for the next challenge. So keep in mind which image you think will look best as a piece of art.

To view the images click here (NSFW, and make sure you click through to the second page) and then vote in the poll below.

Update: I’ve been accused of favouritism and rigging the voting by putting the photo of Hiram with this post. That’s absurd. But to placate the people that are upset about it I’ve suspended voting on this poll and will start a new post and a new poll with a post featuring all the images as contenders. No offence but sometimes people drive me crazy. This is a lighthearted challenge with no real prize on offer. Hiram was even kind enough to offer to withdraw from the competition as a result of the comments but that’s ridiculous. I will repost the voting later when I get home from work.