There are only a matter of hours for you to get your self portraits in for the photography challenge. There are only three and a half hours left in February here in Australia, but those of you in other parts of the world have a little more time. New Zealand and a couple of other places are already out of time. Tonight I bring you four more challengers who have braved the challenge.

First up is Mark from Finland who says he’s “representing the older gay man”. Good on you Mark. While we’ve had nudes from almost everyone, this one is quite a bold one. A gay man that reads this blog from Finland? I’m guessing Mark is quite comfortable nude as we all should be.

Long time reader and frequent contributer is the gorgeous Hiram. Hiram has taken part in photography challenges as well as the first round of the fitness challenge. He’s also one of those fantastic straight guys that is comfortable enough with himself that he has no qualms about showing himself naked to a blog full of gay readers. Hiram even, many years ago when I was running Pornolicious blog (long gone) happily submitted a nude and erect shot of himself. This is a beautiful black and white self portrait from Hiram.

Next up is Buddy. Buddy is a 50 year old gay man who is in the same position as a lot of men. He was married to a woman and has raised healthy happy, now adult children before coming out and embracing his true sexual identity.  Buddy had readers of his own blog vote for which shot to submit to the challenge and they chose this one, lit through some blinds.

Lastly for tonight, and possibly the challenge over all is Richard from Adelaide who made a trip up to Sydney to see my exhibition two weeks ago. Richard is a lovely guy and even though he is, by his own admission, a bit of an exhibitionist and nudist he can’t submit nude shots because of his career. Instead, Richard took this shot of himself standing in front of his DeLorean (remember Back to the Future?) while on a drive through South Australia’s gorgeous Barossa Valley.